Trip to Palm Springs, the Saltan Sea
and Joshua Tree National Park

October, 2019

I drove to Palm Springs for the Leather Pride weekend and with Ted
McWharf took a side trip to the Saltan Sea and Joshua Tree National Park.


This is an example of the scenic beauty you find in Palm Springs. Here
you see a hedge of gorgeous bougainvillea flowers with palm trees
behind them at the corner of Arenas Street and Calle Encilia.

This is a fountain in one of the Palm Springs parks

Many of the weekend events were held at various locations on
Arenas Street in downtown Palm Springs.  Here is Larry in
front of the new Eagle 501 bar where one of the events was held.

This is the Chill Bar, where Kevin used to work, and where they had some of the events.

Hunters bar is where the weekend welcoming party was held Thursday evening.

The Latitude 33 apartment complex is where Kevin and Josh used to have an apartment.

Following the weekend event, Ted McWharf, from Rochester, New York, and
Larry moved into Jim Neuman's home, the former Kate Smith estate, in
the Old Las Palmas neighborhood north of downtown Palm Springs.

This is all you can see of the home from the street, hidden by the tall
hedge.  Below are two wide shots and then a close up of his corner.
You can see my car parked in the driveway in the second photo.

This is the beautiful home as seen from behind the hedge.

Dick, Jim's partner, with Ted by the pool.

Ted by the main entrance.

Ted and I took a trip to Moorten Botanical Garden, south of
downtown Palm Springs, to see their display of cactus plants.

For Halloween Dick dressed as a cowboy and Jim as the Lone Ranger.


Ted also dressed as a cowboy.

I didn't have a costume, so just wore black.

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