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From high definition television back to the beginning of radio, the links below will take you to a variety of resources on Television and Radio information.

TV and Radio Station Lists, Maps and Sites

TV Broadcast Station Information - within 100 miles of San Francisco

  • San Francisco Bay Area-Sacramento-Monterey Digital Channel Lists:
  • Signal Reports for Bay Area Stations:
    • Larry's HD Home Run Receiver - live scans of stations received by Larry's HD Home Run receivers in San Francisco showing Signal Strength, Siqnal to Noise Quality and Signal Error Quality.
    • "Toast's" Signal Graphs - you select the channel and receive graphs of the signals received in Santa Clara County, CA, on his HD Home Run receiver with a Channel Master CM4228 HD antenna

TV and Radio Broadcast Station Information - Entire USA

Locating TV and Radio Broadcast Station Transmitters and Satellites

TV and Radio Broadcast Transmitter Sites

Digital and High Definition Television

DTV/HDTV On-Line Forums

  • AVS HDTV Forum - Find out about HDTV programming, equipment, reception and lots more
  • DBS Talk - Message board discussions for Dish Network, DirecTV and HDTV programming
  • DTV USA Forum - Message board discussions on all aspects of Digital Television
  • High Def Forum - Community and high definition resource
  • IPTV Connection - Latest news and discussion of all subjects related to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) - on line TV
  • Rabbit Ears - Station listings, Blog of news and opinion, Network Grid, Live Band Scan, Queries and Searches
  • Satellite Guys - Satellite Info - DirecTV, Dish Network, Sirius, XM Radio
  • SF Bay Area Forum - A Yahoo group discussing regional HDTV

Television Programming

Information about DTV/HDTV

Television - Radio Services, News and Discussion Groups

Broadcast TV and Radio

Internet Radio

  • Live 365 - Stations listed by genre
  • On-line Radio Stations - The web radio tuner
  • Pandora - Radio service that plays the music you like
  • Radio Tower - Stations listed by format, country and language
  • Shoutcast - Search by station or genre
  • SomaFM - Over 20 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio from San Francisco

Television Antenna Information and Sources

Antenna Information

Sources of Television Antennas

  • Amazon - Carries a large variety of TV antennas and related electronic accessories
  • Antenna Craft - Manufacturer of TV antennas, amplifiers, and related electronic accessories
  • Antennas Direct - Manufacturer of comprehensive line of TV antennas
  • Antenna Hub - Indoor and outdoor antennas, cables, tripods, towers and accessories
  • Crutchfield - Sells Channel Master and Terk antennas
  • Denny's TV Antenna Source - Antennas, rotors, cable and accessories, plus "Antenna Installation Guide" and "TV Antenna Q & A's"
  • Home Entertainment - Installation and Service - Sells Antennas Direct, Channel Master and Winegard antennas
  • Frys Electronics - Sells Channel Master, GE, Philips, RCA and Terk antennas
  • Radio Shack - Sells own brand of indoor and outdoor antennas
  • Solid Signal - Sells Antenna Craft, Antennas Direct, Blonder Tongue, Channel Master, Terrestrial Digital and Winegard antennas
  • Stark Electronics - Sells Antenna Craft, Antenna Performance Specialties, Blonder Tongue, Channel Master, Taco-Jerrold and Winegard antennas
  • Summit Source - Sells Antenna Craft, Channel Master, Terk and Winegard antennas
  • Warren Electronics - Sells Antenna Craft, Channel Master and Winegard antennas
  • Winegard - Manufacturer of complete line of television antennas

Broadcast DXing - Distant Broadcast Reception

Historical Broadcasting

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