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A rememberance page dedicated to my late husband, Bill Choisser.  You'll find all of Bill's books and the documents that he wrote in this directory, along with all of his photos and several other pages about him.

2003 through 2015

Following Bill's death, there were lots of photos of Bill sent to Larry and posted on Facebook. Here is a gallery of those photos.

A page written by Bill that's a story of "Us", Bill and Larry

This is a book that Bill wrote about Face Blindness, first published in January, 1997, and updated through 2002.

This is a document that Bill wrote about longhair on men that has been a guide for many men who are growing their hair.

How to walk to the top of the hills in the center of San Francisco.

Solution to our neighborhood's biggest mystery. When does our bus leave Castro Station?

Pages and links to Larry's interests, photos and the Kenney Family Tree

Photos from our many trips and adventures, plus photos from around San Francisco, including friends' visits, our flowers, and more

Ham radio links, and the book Larry wrote, "Introduction to Packet Radio."

The boots site for men that Larry established in 1997. It's probably the world's largest!

Photos taken in the years 2004 through 2017