Amateur Radio Information

Ham Radio Information

From Larry, WB9LOZ

Check our Packet Radio page for my
"Introduction to Packet Radio" series and
other packet radio information and links.

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
The national amateur radio organization
(Site includes Part 97 FCC Rules)

ARRL Pacific Division

Look up any U.S. ham:
UALR Callsign Database

WM7D dot NET
Over 3,000 ham radio links plus a callsign
database with location maps

"HAM Radio for Beginners"

"Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications"

San Francisco Radio Club (SFRC)
Serving the city of San Francisco and the community since 1916.

Society of Ether Explorers
A small, but dedicated, group of amateur radio
experimenters and dreamers in San Francisco.

Rainbow Amateur Radio Association (RARA)

ATV - Amateur Radio Station WA6ZJG
Live capture of Amateur Television signals

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