Our Tomato Plants


Instead of buying already grown plants, we grew all of our plants
from seed this year in small pots behind the living room sofa.

March 24

The plants grew quickly with the direct afternoon sun.

April 8

We transplanted them to the planter boxes in early May.

May 10 and May 17

June 28

August 3

September 28

The end of September is when we got the largest number of tomatoes.
The cherry tomatoes were numerous and so sweet and tasty!

This is the first Heirloom tomato to ripen.

October 4

Most of the larger Heirloom tomatoes didn't ripen until early October,
but they had a delicious rich tomato taste. The stems started to dry
up, so Ruffy added some protective baskets so that the large tomatoes
wouldn't break off and smash to the ground. They worked well!

October 19

The tomatoes continued to produce in small numbers into mid-November.

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