Our New Marble Counter Top

August, 2019

We've put up with the tile counter top in our kitchen for years, constantly having to
scrub the grout between the tiles to keep it clean. We've even had professional
cleaners come in and and give the grout a thorough scrub.  That problem has now
been taken care of for good with the installation of our new marble counter top.

Here you see what our old tile conter top looked like.  Look at that dirty grout!

Lexx, Ruffy and Larry went shopping for new counter top surfaces and found
some beautiful Vermont Verde Polished Antique marble that we really liked
at A S N Natural Stone Company here in San Francisco.

Here you see a sample of the marble in the company warehouse.

Larry bought two slabs of the marble so that our counter top could be cut into
pieces without having any of the large white veins that you see in the lower
left of the photo above.  We hired the New Marble Company to cut and install
the new counter top and our two slabs were transported to their warehouse.

Ruffy and Larry went over to New Marble Company to see the slabs and
choose what parts of them we wanted to use for our counter top.  Here
you see Ruffy standing between our two slabs outside of the company.

The sections we chose to use were measured and marked by the warehouse crew.

The parts of the marble we didn't use were brought to our home and are stored down in the basement for use in future projects.


This is our kitchen prior to the installation of the new counter top.

The old tile counter top was removed.

And here is our kitchen with the new marble counter top installed.

We're very happy with the installation!  It looks beautiful
and we no longer have any grout to scrub!

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