Further Information

Asperger's Syndrome

By far the best source for information on Asperger's syndrome is Barb Kirby's On-Line Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS). Need I say more?

Topographic Agnosia

Places, like faces, are processed in the brain in a special location, and the locations for places and faces are near each other. Quite a few face blind people turn out to also be "place blind". This web page has information.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), is most distinguishable by having difficulty understanding others, despite having hearing at a normal volume and often "passing" hearing tests.

These sites have information on CAPD:

Hearing societies and deaf service agencies often offer "coping skills" classes, and these can be of great help in learning to live with CAPD. Though a person with CAPD does not necessarily have a decibel deficit, the difficulties caused him due to not hearing are much the same. So don't overlook the benefits such classes can provide.

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